Halloween 2014 | My child and her friend :)

After shopping for about 3 hrs and some crafting (another 2) we barely made it before it was dark... this was the result and they look adorable!

The Heflin Family

I have been so fortunate to photograph this beautiful family for the last 5 years, can't wait to see them again next month. They hold a very special place in my heart

Pic-nic | Kids Who Care

Prelude to Camp | June 2014

Holiday Cards 2013

This year I am excited to use Crave Design Templates.
I love love love All their designs!

*For Clients; Please remember that each card is customizable with colors, words and graphics can be moved around to fit your photos

Halloween 2013 @ the Cadena's

Finally my first attempt to blog...

Today Yoella had a Birthday Party with a halloween theme, and since she is 11 now (to old to go trick or treating anymore... "she said") I asked Esteban to wear his costume and took some last minute photos of the kiddos together. I knew I was not going to have another opportunity any time soon.

I wanted them to do Austin Powers and GoGo Girl.. but noooo, I don't have a say anymore.. these were their choices; Yoella decided she wanted to be her favorite color "Orange" and Esteban is some Minecraft character.